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July 11


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Workers –

Miss Crane Song – Started up the daycare to deal with her little brother, Tedi, and his friends from around Chaosville.

Mr Gar Doctec – A friend of Crane’s who has just qualified to be a fully-fledged doctor. He volunteers at the Daycare three days a week as a first aider. He is also the one who breaks up any fights that break out and rescues any children who get themselves stuck.

Children –

Andy DragonHat – A mischievous impersonator who takes delight in being a bit mental and making the others laugh.

Guy ‘Septimus’ Walker – An immature little frog, never seen without his crown and always hanging around with Jamie. He will do anything to get Tedi in trouble with his sister.

Jamie Universe – A love of blue and playing tricks often gets Jamie into trouble. He likes to mess about and play tricks with Sept.

Tedi Zurl – Crane’s younger brother and a trouble maker in his own right, he gets into a lot of feuds with Sept and Jamie which often lands him in more trouble with his older sister.

Dave Chaos – Loves to explore and often gets himself into situations he can’t get himself out of without help, even though he won’t admit to needing help. He is most likely found up a tree staring out to the horizon.

Wysie Dogson – The youngest of the group of children, Wysie tries to get in with the others but mostly finds himself playing with a puppy whom he has named Cinnamon.

Glitcher Virtues – Buncible’s older brother, he likes to try and keep his brother in check but often finds that he doesn’t listen. He likes to tinker with things and has caused a minor explosion when tinkering with an electric clock.

Buncible Virtues – Far more playful than his brother, but smart in his own right. Has a toy cat called Pickles he likes to keep with him but Sept and Jamie like to take it away and make Bunce try to get it out of a tree.

Nipde Dragose – Playful and caring, he likes to play in the playhouse and pretend to mix potions and cast spells. He dreams of becoming an awesome alchemist when he grows up but has nearly severly harming Tedi after giving him a mixture of soap and shampoo mixed with water. Gar now keeps a close eye on him to make sure he isn’t going to hurt anyone else, even unintentionally.

Lying Bedmon – Quiet and smart, Lying often sits by himself and reads or talks to a couple of cats he’s called Igon and Rain. Lying doesn’t like to stick his nose in the others business but he does often think up solutions to their problems, even if he doesn’t vocalise these thoughts.
Have some descriptions for them. I'll post the picture soon! :D
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snake4evr Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Oh, how old are each of them?
snake4evr Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014
Aw, I love it! :D

I can see it now, Bunce getting angry because Sept accidentally broke a part of Pickles, and Gar breaking up the fight, to which Bunce starts crying, and Sept says sorry and fluff!

Wait now I can't ship Lying with Gar or
BulletEater003 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Student General Artist
So much fluff. Much fluff indeed! :D
Well Garinbedmon does exist, but not with this AU clearly. :3
snake4evr Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
indeed, hm

oh well Lying will just be that smart commentator...THAT GETS PEOPLE TOGETHER YES!

baby!Lying is now our babyAU matchmaker :D
BulletEater003 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student General Artist
...aiphepansfp Yes. Just yes. :D
snake4evr Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Lyinginbedmon Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
BulletEater003 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Student General Artist
Yours is the cutest one I think :D
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