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LXG Headcanons

Frog King: Septimus-
Sept grew up in the small kingdom around a lake. He was the son of the king and queen but loved to run about the village and play like the other children. When he hit the age of thirteen he was no longer allowed to leave the castle and had to learn to be a good ruler for after his parents died. When he go to twenty four, after seven years of training and four years as king, he escaped. His parents had both been killed in a fire at their second home, possibly arson, and he had taken over but hated the lack of freedom he had as king. So he left the kingdom entirely to make his own way in life. He found Tedi four months later and Crane rescued them three weeks later after they were chased up a tree by an angry cow. They stuck together after that and formed Delta Squid.

Lost Clone: TycerX-
TycerX is an escaped clone, aided by a factory worker, Myles. The project was designed to make identical clones for factory work or as workers in kingdom castles or hotels. The original design was called YWS (You We Serve) and was created in a lab to look like an ordinary man, while a female version was make at a later date. It wasn't very often but a malfunctioning clone of this design occasionally came out. TycerX was one of these malfunctioning clones. One of the floor workers, Myles, saw a small boy on the reject conveyer belt and knew he couldn't let him be incinerated. So he left his work station at his break time, retrieved the boy and hid him in his locker with some crackers and a book on air ships. When his shift was over Myles took the boy from his locker to discover he had grown and was the size of a nine year old. Myles took him back to his house and gave him articles of clothing that were far too large for him to clothe him temporarily, including his red jacket. After that nights sleep Myles woke up to find the boy had grown again and was flipping quickly through all his books. Myles went back to work that day and returned that night to find a seventeen year old sitting at the dining room table with some sticks and shreds of wool, attempting to make an air ship. Myles decided to call him Tycer and the X was because he was the tenth clone from the batch he'd been rejected from. They became fast friends but Myles has yet to tell TycerX his origins.
LXG Headcanons - Will be Updated
This will be updated when I come up with my other ones!

Have my headcanons from LXG. I've started with Septimus216 and TycerX because I've had these ideas for a long time so I finally got a good time to write it down for y'all to see! :D

Characters belong to their respective owners.
Workers –

Miss Crane Song – Age: 24
Started up the daycare to deal with her little brother, Tedi, and his friends from around Chaosville.

Mr Gar Doctec – Age: 26
A friend of Crane’s who has just qualified to be a fully-fledged doctor. He volunteers at the Daycare three days a week as a first aider. He is also the one who breaks up any fights that break out and rescues any children who get themselves stuck.

Children –

Andy DragonHat – Age: 3
A mischievous impersonator who takes delight in being a bit mental and making the others laugh.

Guy ‘Septimus’ Walker – Age: 3
An immature little frog, never seen without his crown and always hanging around with Jamie. He will do anything to get Tedi in trouble with his sister.

Jamie Universe – Age: 3
A love of blue and playing tricks often gets Jamie into trouble. He likes to mess about and play tricks with Sept.

Tedi Zurl – Age: 5
Crane’s younger brother and a trouble maker in his own right, he gets into a lot of feuds with Sept and Jamie which often lands him in more trouble with his older sister.

Dave Chaos – Age: 4
Loves to explore and often gets himself into situations he can’t get himself out of without help, even though he won’t admit to needing help. He is most likely found up a tree staring out to the horizon.

Wysie Dogson – Age: 2
The youngest of the group of children, Wysie tries to get in with the others but mostly finds himself playing with a puppy whom he has named Cinnamon.

Glitcher Virtues – Age: 5 3/4 (has to be precise!)
Buncible’s older brother, he likes to try and keep his brother in check but often finds that he doesn’t listen. He likes to tinker with things and has caused a minor explosion when tinkering with an electric clock.

Buncible Virtues – Age: 4
Far more playful than his brother, but smart in his own right. Has a toy cat called Pickles he likes to keep with him but Sept and Jamie like to take it away and make Bunce try to get it out of a tree.

Nipde Dragose – Age: 3
Playful and caring, he likes to play in the playhouse and pretend to mix potions and cast spells. He dreams of becoming an awesome alchemist when he grows up but has nearly severly harming Tedi after giving him a mixture of soap and shampoo mixed with water. Gar now keeps a close eye on him to make sure he isn’t going to hurt anyone else, even unintentionally.

Lying Bedmon – Age: 3
Quiet and smart, Lying often sits by himself and reads or talks to a couple of cats he’s called Igon and Rain. Lying doesn’t like to stick his nose in the others business but he does often think up solutions to their problems, even if he doesn’t vocalise these thoughts.
LXG DayCare Characters
Have some descriptions for them. I'll post the picture soon! :D
Bunce was cooking. It smelt good. But…Guy couldn’t stay. He had to go to a business meeting. Geez… He didn’t want to let Bunce down. Not after the last time… Guy sighed gently and shifted on the sofa, leaning forwards to put his forth mug of coffee down. What he wouldn’t do for a beer…

“Bunce…can I talk to you?” He called gently.

There was movement in the kitchen and a clatter before Bunce poked his head from around the kitchen wall.


Guy sighed again and licked his lips.

“Bunce…I…I can’t stay for dinner tonight. I…got called into work again earlier but I didn’t want to ruin things…you know…” he mumbled gently.

The look of hurt that spread over Bunce’s face sent a pang of agony through Guy’s chest.

“I…I understand…don’t worry about it…” Bunce mumbled before heading back into the kitchen to tidy up.

Guy sighed gently before going to grab his stuff. He soon came back downstairs and went into the kitchen where Bunce was sat with a plate in his hand. A single carrot lay on his plate. Oh crap… Guy licked his lips before taking Bunce’s hand.

“I’m sorry Bunce. I’ll make it up to ya. Just you wait and see,” Guy told him firmly before kissing him softly and heading off to his meeting.

[c]* * *[/c]

It was three weeks later when Guy finally got to ‘make it up’ to Bunce. The taller man had been reading when Guy had come home. After a quick embrace and ‘I missed you’ kisses Guy took Bunce’s hand.

“Come with me…” He smiled before leading him outside.

They slid into Guy’s car and headed down into town. The car journey was silent, nothing but the soft sounds of the radio filling the empty space that separated them. Guy eventually stopped outside a pub and padded outside. He got Bunce’s door and the tall man stepped out.

“What’re we doing here, Guy?” Bunce sighed gently.

Guy just shook his head and took him inside.

They had a three course meal of whatever they wanted. Once they were done they spent the night in the bed and breakfast part of the pub. A nice night of smooshy lovie-dovie movies and soft kisses before going to sleep. Guy was even happier when he woke in the middle of the night to find Bunce curled into his side, head on his chest. He’d won his Bunce back. At long last.
Septible - Just One More Meal
Little Septible drabble cus I needed to do some cutes. I nearly made myself cry so I had to change it a bit. Still sad but adorable at the same time.
People thought that everything was fine when the school master went missing. That happened a lot. They moved on, went to new schools. Better pay and nicer conditions were always a pull away from our dingy little school. It was only when two other people, the local bard and one of the other teachers, went missing that something clicked in the locals heads. They began to send out search parties, but they always came back one or two down. No one knew what was taking them away though. Never saw it or heard it. People began packing up and leaving, the roads were clogged and there was no way that any of them were getting out within hours. Us kids were right. It took three days before all those on the road finally got out, leaving behind only about 60 families and a few of the older members who couldn’t leave or just plain wouldn’t leave. We weren’t about to sit by and let our town die though. No way…
~  ~  ~
“Right. We’re another teacher down this term. Miss Langlord has unfortunately…erm…taken a sudden leave…” Mr Polton coughed softly, rubbing his forehead with his pristine white handkerchief.
“You mean she left, sir?” Connie called from the back of the class, waving her hand at him.
There weren’t many in our class. Just me, Connie, Warren, Ty and Charlie from our year. The levels were so low though that there were younger kids joining our class as the weeks wore on. Our class had topped fifteen kids at its peak. No more though…
“Yes Connie. She left. So, I’ll be teaching you till we can find another person willing to take your class…” Mr Polton sighed softly before turning to the black board and writing down a few sentences. “Copy these down in your books then recite them with your partner…”
I sighed and pulled my quill from the ink pot, scribbling the sentences quickly down on the paper. When I had finished I went to turn to my ‘partner’, heard him talking and just couldn’t be bothered. My partner was Sam, one of the most obnoxious people in the whole school. A year below me and could already talk the hind leg off a donkey! I just couldn’t be bothered with him. I’d asked to be moved but even Miss Langlord wouldn’t let me. Said that I had to show Sam how to behave. It didn’t seem to be working…
“Alice! Read us what you’ve written please…”
I looked up and blinked. Hm? What the…? Oh gosh I must have been daydreaming again.
“Erm y-yes sir…” I mumbled before reading through the sentences. “I will not go into the woods, I will practice with my dragon, I will care for my wand and I will keep my quill in very good condition. I think that’s it sir…”
A glare but a nod of approval before he went back to writing on the board. Something sharp stabbed into my head as he turned away and I looked around to see a paper airplane slump to the floor. I picked up and unfolded it under my desk, having to hold back the snort of laughter that bubbled up inside of me.
The picture inside depicted a rather crudely drawn form of dragon with a short brown goatee and a wave of brown hair covering his eyes. A long blue coat draped across his broad green shoulders that trailed down to his hips where it met a long mouse like tail adorned with spines of pure red, almost like Christmas colours. ‘Mr Poltdragon’ was written above it with an arrow drawn to the dragon. It was pretty good actually.
Now might be a good time to talk about the dragons actually. Every kid under the age of sixteen had to have a dragon. This unwritten rule came about the year I went to school, so it didn’t actually apply to one of my friends Warren, who was a year older. This also meant Mr Polton hadn’t got a dragon and this made him very cross. Only kids can tame dragons, and some are far better than others.
“What’s that, Alice?”
Oh dear…
“A drawing that…erm…Sam did for me!” I told him quickly. Sam wasn’t listening so I could grass him up as much as I liked.
“I didn’t know Sam was any good at art…”
“Oh, me and Connie have been teaching him, sir!” I replied, trying to ignore the giggles from behind me. I knew I’d crack up if I let them sink in. “He’s gettin’ good, sir. Look at the other one he gave me!”
I shoved my hand into the desk, searching around for any drawings I’d left in there over the holiday. There was normally never anything else in my desk other than drawings, quill and ink. My luck though…oh…
I pulled out a piece of paper covered in doodles and scrappy pictures. I put it in front of Mr Polton and smiled. It was actually signed by Sam. He hadn’t drawn it but he’d caught me drawing and written his name on it. Evidence…sort of…
Mr Polton was not impressed with what he saw, especially when I put the drawing of the dragon with the scrap paper.
“Sam, you are coming to my office at three fifteen today. This has gone far enough. I’ve had enough of your shenanigans and so has everyone else. Sam? Sam, listen to me!” he snapped furiously, slamming his hand down on the desk where Sam sat.
Sam looked round suddenly from where he’d been talking to Daniel and Harry and blinked at Mr Polton.
“What have I done sir?” he asked quickly, fiddling with his quill between his fingers.
“Blatant disregard for school rules, offensive drawings of your teacher and ignoring every lesson you’re in! How do you expect to get a good job if you don’t study?” Mr Polton growled in reply, his face going to colour of the dragon’s spikes. “So you’re coming to my office at three fifteen, no later. Got it, boy?”
Sam nodded rapidly and looked down at his clasped fingers.
“Yes sir. Okay sir…” he mumbled.
The rest of the day was uneventful. Magic practice, dragon caring, potions class. That was it really. It was the end of the day when myself, Connie, Warren and Ty all got together, as we always do, to talk about things. It didn’t matter what. We just always had something to talk about.
“Hey, you know Polton had a go at Sam? I think you should have taken some of that, Al. You did do the doodle one…”
“Aw come on Cobo. I don’t have to sit next to him anymore! I don’t care how much of a go he had at that stupid boy!”
“Alright, alright. Anyway, where’re we going tonight?”
We all look to one another. We know where we’re going. It’s the same place as every night since the café was closed and the playground left to ruin. Down to the lake.
We begin the long trek towards the lake, taking the side streets and back alleys to avoid the curfew enforcers. They seem to think that a curfew will stop kids getting taken by what has been named ‘Night Stalker’, even though three quarters of the people taken have actually vanished during the day time. And we didn’t know that we were next…
Magic School
Probably won't do anymore on this but I thought I'd show you guys some stuff I have been doing recently. :D
Happy Birthday Ruff! by BulletEater003
Happy Birthday Ruff!
Happy birthday dear :iconohruff:
Sorry it isn't as awesome as the one you did for me. I hope this is okay. :D
Well this is awkward.
I'm so sorry about not coming on a lot. I've had a bit of a hectic time with exams and whatnot but now I'm on study leave and can do whatever I want for the next three months. Including story writing, roleplaying, picture drawing and planning characters for D&D sessions. :D

It also happens to be the 2nd of June. Which happens to be my birthday! :3

I may be able to post some stuff today like a zombie-apocalypse story that is based off a dream I had and maybe some of the robot art I've been doing recently because it was fun to do.

Don't know what else to say really. Have a good one? I don't know.

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Bristol Elliot the III
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I am Bristol Elliot the III. I live in England, and am just a hobbyist really. I would like to get into digital art, and have started some pixel work, but am only a beginner. I mostly do traditional art, paper and pencils being my favoured artsy equipment.
I am a gamer, and game drawer. I play Minecraft, Sims and all sorts of other shizel. I also draw Minecraft people a lot, doing my favourite Youtubers mostly. My Youtube account is AngelEatingDevil, and my Minecraft name is Warrior_Carbia, for anyone interested. I have no videos to my name yet, but am planning on a little something with my friends.
I make avatars for fun, too.

Dearest to my hearts friends:
:iconninjafromsweden:- Wonderful friend who I can't say a bad word about ever.
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Peace, my friends!

Quotes from conversations with peoples!:
"I'M JUST GONNA' DROWN MY SORROWS IN CALYPSO NOW!"/"So, you're going to face plant into an ice cream?"-random conversation with MagicCrystal

Stamps that sum me up!
Pony stamp by Shabi000 It's Late Stamp by Otogakure-Akatsuki Stamp by Kataang-furuba PewDiePie - Here Comes The Brofist Stamp by TwilightProwler Why walk when u can bounce by kohakuhoshi I :heart: my watchers Stamp. by jugga-lizzle I'm a Wolf - Stamp by theBravewolf Reality by lintu47 Not Addicted by jcroxas Layton Remembers Stamp by orian-stamps Smeghead Stamp by 666qqq666 Stamp - Hello Dudes by deaddoll00 Red Dwarf: Mr Flibbles Stamp by PyroStorm Nilesy stamp by cappydarn Wolf at Heart Stamp by Aura-BleedingHeart I'm A BRONY Stamp by InsAnimeGamer Ponyfy Stamp by Sonic-chaos Never... by prosaix Bass Player_stamp by sican facebook deviantart stamp by sweetooth102 Gemini Stamp by sxhi DA Stamp - Roleplay Addict 01 by tppgraphics Kakuna Rattata Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Why I boycotted fandoms. by lostforeveragain Protected by Dragons stamp by purgatori Absol Stamp by Kezzi-Rose All I need is dA by tRiBaLmArKiNgS Horrible Histories Stamp by SkinnyMandria Arbok Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Stamp: Magical Powers by TheSaltyMonster

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