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Crimson Curse - Black-Nocturne's OC by BulletEater003
Crimson Curse - Black-Nocturne's OC
Hi guys. Long time no see I know. But I thought I'd get get back in the swing of drawing. So have :iconblack-nocturne: pony OC Crimson Curse. Sorry about the poor quality photo. It's on A3 paper and wouldn't scan. I hope they look okay Nocturne. I had fun drawing them. It's a fantastic design and I loved it 

Crimson Curse belongs to :iconblack-nocturne:
And this is the year of the Bristol. I'm going to make a conscious effort to actually upload this year. Finish Dark Times. Actually show some things I do that isn't just on Twitter. Real sorry about that. 

I have been getting into Undertale recently. That'll end up on here. Probably. 
Dark Times will finish this year as well. You'll see what happens after so so long. It's been over a year since I posted the first chapter and I'm sorry that I haven't been updating it. 

Sorry I haven't been on as much. Will try to make it up to you this year. 
Thank you to everyone who has stuck by me. I really do appreciate it. 

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Chapter Five – The Arsonists
Jack stared at the fire that had quickly engulfed the enormous factory, black smoke pouring into the sky and flames licking high into the clouds. The sounds the fire truck bells were already ringing into the midday crowds, attempting to make their way to the fire to try and save one of the most prolific businesses in the city.

How had this happened? Why was this happening?

Jack quickly made his way over to the gates of the factory to find Sean staring in disbelief at the fire as it curled high into sunny afternoon. He gently put a hand on the man’s shoulder but was shrugged off instantly.

“No…everything I had…I…no…” Sean mumbled softly. “Everything I worked for. All of it. My livelihood is…gone…”

Jack swallowed and looked up at the building.

“You’ve got your house. You’ve got your servants. You’ve got me and Arran. You’re having this conversation with me right now, which means you’re alive. You could have died in the fire, but you didn’t. You’re still here.”

Sean didn’t respond. He just stood there, staring at the flames. How could he lose it all? Just like that and it was all gone. Well, Jack was right in way. It wasn’t everything. It just felt like everything.

“I’m…going home…” Sean eventually mumbled before turning and walking off, not waiting for a response from anyone as he padded into the dark streets of London.

Jack sighed. He didn’t understand. Magmason Co was always up to speck with safety. How could this have happened? He looked around slowly, taking in all the faces of people who had now lost their jobs. They all seemed distraught. Sean may have been one of the richest, most powerful men in London, but he treated his workers well – regular breaks, decent food, warmth from the bitter cold.

“No…” Jack mumbled before running off after Sean, desperately searching for the man as he ran. Dark clouds were rolling in now and it wasn’t long before thick flakes of snow began to drift onto the already cold stone houses and paths. He had to find Sean.

He didn’t notice the girl in a blue coat till it was too late. The two ran into one another and fell back with a swish of fabric and flurry of snow. Jack sat up and blinked, slinging his bag back onto his shoulder as he pulled her up.

“S-sorry…” he mumbled before realising who it was. “Bristol?”

Bristol frowned slightly as she dusted herself off, keeping her right fist tightly clenched as she looked up at Jack.

“T-thank you. I-I gotta go…” She mumbled before running off the way Jack had just come without another word.

Jack frowned. What was she in such a rush for? Never mind. Sean.

~   ~   ~

It wasn’t long before Jack reached Sean’s mansion and hammered his fist against the dark oak doors, shouting at the top of his lungs:

“Sean! Sean, please! Let me in!”

No reply. Not a sound.

Jack sighed as he slumped back against the doors, sliding to the floor with a huff. Great. He didn’t know what to do now. Bristol had been in a rush for something. Maybe Sean had sent her out for something. No. That couldn’t be it. He hadn’t…he couldn’t even have gotten home by that point. That was something else. Where had Bristol been for her to be running…towards the factory? She was always with Sean at the factory, fetching things and running the offices while he sat in his ‘penthouse’ being served on. He hadn’t seen her at the fire. What was going on?

Jack yelped suddenly as the door was opened behind him and he found himself on his back staring up at one of the servant girls.


Jack swallowed as he sat himself up and shifted.

“Y-yeah. Erm, is Sean in?”

“Master? No. At least, he has not come in through here. He may have entered through the back, sir. Would you like me to check?”

Jack nodded rapidly – “Yes please.”

The girl nodded before heading off again. She was gone for a good ten minutes before coming back again.

“He does not appear to be in, sir. Would you like to leave a message?”

Jack sighed as he stood up and shook his head.

“No. It’s okay. Thank you.”

As he headed away from the house, Jack glanced back. Very faintly, in the thickening layer of snow, he could see footprints. A gentle frown settled on his brow and he padded off, following the ever vanishing trail into the gardens of the mansion. It was there that he found Sean, sitting under a pagoda alone. He wasn’t wearing his jacket and was visibly shivering in the snow. Jack sighed.

“Come here…” he mumbled, pulling his own jacket off and hauling it around Sean’s shoulders. He sat on the chair opposite Sean and swallowed, looking out across the wide open plains that were the mansion gardens. “What happened, Sean?”

Sean shook his head slowly.

“I don’t know. I just do not know. I was just in my office, writing out some papers, when there was a cry of ‘Fire! Fire!’ and a lot of panicking. I don’t remember much after that other than being pulled out of my office and outside…” Sean replied softly, pulling Jack’s coat a little tighter around his shoulders as a cold gust of wind blew more snow their way. “It’s just all so…so…so unreal. I can’t remember much about it. I tried to think about it…but I just don’t know what happened.”

Jack sighed quietly. Poor Sean. He put a hand on his shoulder again, smiling slightly when he didn’t shrug it off again.

“It’s okay Sean. You’re still alive and breathing. You’ve got your home. It’s going to be okay. I’m here if you need anything.”

Sean nodded slowly and sighed quietly.

“Have you seen Bristol? I haven’t seen her all day.”

Jack frowned softly and swallowed.

“No. Well…I have. She was running through town earlier. I don’t know where she was going but she was in a rush.”

Sean frowned and shifted on his chair slightly.

“That’s odd. She said she would be going into town today before coming to the factory. She never asks for days off. It seemed odd but I let her have the morning off because she never asks.”

Jack nodded slowly and cocked his head, watching the snow falling onto already white landscape. It was strange really. It didn’t feel like December yet. Yet it was snowing and cold and Christmas decorations were starting to be hung from doors. It was supposed to be a time of joy and happiness. But he and his friend were sitting in a cold garden contemplating a tremendous tragedy and confusing mystery. This…wasn’t right.

“Sean…come back to my place for the night. I don’t want you on your own…just in case, okay?” Jack eventually said softly, glancing at his friend from behind his glasses.

Sean looked at him before sighing.

“Alright. I’ll come then…” he mumbled back. “Let me just shut off the power to this place. Don’t want to waste it. And I’ll leave a note for Bristol, just in case.”

Jack nodded before standing up.

“I’ll be in the stable if you need me…” Jack smiled before padding off again.

~   ~   ~

Sean sighed quietly as they trotted over to Jack’s workshop, Jack having borrowed Sean’s horse, Marthusila, as Davidos had been still at his house. Sean was sat atop a chestnut furred brute of a horse, the only other defining feature being the jet black muzzle, whom he called Fulbertus.

“What are we doing here? I thought we were going to your home?” He whined, leaning back slightly as the taller man dismounted his horse and tethered her to a fence post.

“I just have to check on something. You can wait out here or you can come in, your choice,” Jack replied before heading inside.

Just as he’d left it. Slightly smoky, cogs working furiously to keep the machines working as effectively as they could manage. His second home. Jack padded through the gloom to his work bench and propped himself on the table. Hm. This was…odd… He rummaged quickly through his bag and grabbed the locket, chucking it on the table and sighing. What was this thing?

Something caught his eye then. A tiny inscription around the outside of the heart. He lifted the necklace and peered at it. Smudges. He glanced around. Where was his cloth? He set the locket down and began to search around carefully. After a while he found a rag and carefully began to clean his glasses, peering through them every now and again. Once he was happy with the state of them, he slipped them back onto his nose and returned to the locket.

“That’s better…” he mumbled as he looked at the inscription again.

Per il mio principe

Jack frowned. What language was that? Oh well.

He began to study the lock then. Miniature. He couldn’t make a key to fit it. It was far too small for him to even begin to make one. Which meant that there had to be one in existence somewhere else. Who had it though? Whoever it was, he had to find them if he was going to open the locket.

A whinny from outside alerted Jack to the sounds of shouting from the street. He shoved the locket back into his bag and rushed out to find Sean with a mob of people, all of them shouting at him and accusing him of burning down the greatest establishment that London had ever seen.

“Why would I burn down my own company?!” Sean yelped softly.

“Guys! What’s going on!?” Jack shouted as he fought his way over to Sean and looked around at the crowd.

“He ruined our livelihoods!”

“We have nowhere to work! How will we feed our children?”

Jack looked around. They were right, but why were they blaming Sean? He wouldn’t burn down his own factory. He loved that place.

“Sean wouldn’t burn down his own factory! That’s stupid!” he told them.

This went on for a while before Jack managed to convince the mob to leave Sean alone and go and find the real arsonist. He turned to Sean as the other sighed.

“What was that about? What did you do?”

Sean frowned and sniffed.

“Nothing that I know of. I was standing here with Fulbertus and they came over, shouting and screaming. I just…I don’t know…”

Jack sighed quietly before nodding. Magmason Co. was Sean’s livelihood. He would never burn it to the ground. Never.

Sean gave a sigh as he looked at the devastated factory, his face concealed with ash from the fire that had consumed his own business, as Jack felt in his bag and pulled out the silver chain which held the locket. It glinted in the light of the moon which peeked out from the blackened clouds, highlighting the miniature lock that still held the potential secrets inside the tiny silver heart. Sean caught the glint in the corner of his eye and looked down at the delicate jewellery.

“What’s that?” He asked, almost a desperate attempt to change the subject though he knew it was in vain in the end.

“Oh. I-it’s nothing…” Jack replied quickly, shoving the locket in his bag. He looked up at the smouldering factory, which was still smoking from the fire. Despite him feeling sad for Sean, he couldn't shake his thoughts on the locket from his mind. Why was it hidden in Crane’s piano? And why was the lock so small? However there was one prominent question that Jack couldn't fathom: where was the key?

Sean could see that something was bothering his friend – he could almost see the little cogs working in the automaton craftsman’s mind.

“What’s wrong?” He asked solemnly.

Jack glanced at Sean, his glasses fogging up ever so slightly. Jack knew that he had to find out about this locket, but he didn't want to make it to obvious. Sean's livelihood had finally finished burning across the city, however the smoke continued rising higher and higher into the already smoggy London sky from across the dark skyline.

“Nothing…” Jack eventually mumbled, watching the still smouldering wreckage that had become the tomb of their friend with tender eyes. “Let’s get you to my place…”

~   ~   ~

The pair arrived at Jack's apartment just as the moon peeked out from behind another cloud. They took their horses' round to the stables and hitched them carefully. Davidos brayed softly as Sean's horses were lead into the unfamiliar setting. Davidos nudged Jack’s arm gently almost as if to say "Worry not, I'll look after them". Jack patted him in understanding and said to Sean:

“Don’t worry. They’ll be safe here.”

Sean nodded in agreement, however he was suppressing a yawn. He was clearly exhausted. Jack took him up to his apartment and glanced round the small room for somewhere comfortable for his friend to sleep on. In the end, he decided on the uncomfortable plush chair he himself usually slept on. He would find somewhere else to sleep.
“Sorry it’s not much. Haven’t got much else at the moment…” Jack sighed as he threw a blanket over the seat to cover it up just a little bit.

"This will be fine, thank you my friend" Sean smiled before sighing. He took off the green ash blackened jacket he had continued to wear after Jack had lent it to him in the snow, folded it up and placed it on the floor. He then took off his gold rimmed glasses and placed them on top of the neatly folded jacket. He settled himself down in the chair slowly, expecting to be uncomfortable, but was fast asleep within minutes.

Jack smiled before tiptoeing quietly out of the apartment and carefully shutting the creaky wooden door. He found himself leaning against the wall, fingers delving into his bag and grasping at the thin chain and cold locket. The more he held it and looked at it, the more he began to wonder its significance in recent events. He frowned slightly. He knew he couldn't let these thoughts go without investigation. Jack glanced at the door to his apartment, something told him that this couldn't wait. Sean, on the other hand, could.

Jack moved quickly through the night, not bothering to take Davidos as he would be too noisy. He now stood in front of the wreckage that had started everything: the burning remains of the factory that took Myles from them. If there were answers Jack had an inkling they would be found here. He took a deep breath, shivered in the coldness of the night and made his way in amongst the crumbling infrastructure.

~   ~   ~

“You got it?”

“Yeah. He in the man’s apartment?”

“I’m guessing so. He wasn’t at the mansion. It was way too close this time. We gotta be more careful with this. Can’t have them…noticing it’s us…again...”

“I guess. Whose gonna know it’s us though? Geez you can’t do anything without someone noticing around here, but we can manage it.”

"If you're sure...I still don't like it..."

"You'll live...for the time being, at least..."
Dark Times - Chapter 5
In a dark world of slave labour and the poor being used as nothing more than rat food, Jack Chipper works at the better end of the spectrum. But when a close friend of his is killed in a freak factory fire, Jack must continue on like nothing has happened. How long could he last without trying to come to the aid of his closest friends?

I got tagged by the lovely :iconcosartmic:

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2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
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1. I have never, ever finished writing a story. Ever. Dark Times will, hopefully, be my first.
2. One of my bedroom walls is absolutely covered in my drawings of everything as well as a couple of signed business cards from conventions
3. I have a absolute love of the games Portal, Portal 2 and Bioshock Infinite
4. I have been in a couple of videos on the TycerX channel, primarily this one --> [link]
5. I have a growing collection of the toy group of Blue Nosed Friends, well over 30 in my possession and I continue to collect them to this day
6. I recently started dating the YouTuber Magmamale - 21 February 2015
7. I am officially a grade 5 singer and am going for my grade 6 in July 2015
8. I am Moderator+ on the Minecraft server Valiant, making me the second highest achievable staff rank on the server - if you feel like joining us come to :3
9. The main OCs that I am using at the moment would be that of Bristol Elliot the III and my animatronic character Xera Sicarius
10. I still sleep with Ducky, my toy platypus, and Shirty, a red rugby shirt that my uncle gave my mum when I was born

1. How are ya?!
I'm doin alright I think

2. What is your favourite band/artist?
Green Day or VSQ

3. Do you like drawing digitally or traditionally?
Traditionally as I have no tablet or mouse to make anything look anything like anything

4. What’s your favourite movie?
Moulin Rouge. Maybe Rocky Horror Picture Show 

5. Who is your favourite artist here on dA?
I don't really know. I love loads of artists. I think RatherPeculiar

6. Do you prefer writing over drawing or vice versa?
Why must you forsake me friend!? I love both. Possibly writing over drawing as I can get more down on a page the exact way I want to say it but I do love drawing

7. Favourite food?

8. Who is your favourite super hero?

9. Coke or Pepsi?
Pepsi (Max especially)

10. What colour are your eyes?
Brown around the iris and green around the outside

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Chapter 4 – Factory of the Squid-y Kind

Jack ran as fast as he could to the factory, desperately trying to tame his bedhead as he reached the enormous doors. Great. An hour late. He’d even supplied Patch with extra coal so he could wake him up at six. Nope. The little robot had used his coal supply up by walking around the tiny apartment all night. By six he was out of power and Jack was still asleep. He should have been at the factory for seven and it was five past eight already.

The brass doors swung open and Jack raced inside, clutching his bag close to him as two shadows moved across the factory floor. The automaton craftsman ended up suppressing a scream as a large hand landed on his shoulder, then a smaller, colder one on the other. He glanced to his right to see a tall man standing there, a mop of curly black hair covering his forehead and soft brown eyes watching him. He wore a bear skin over his shirt and trousers, the head placed over his own like a hood. He took in the sight for a moment before looking the other way. The other man was shorter with close crop hair. A set of small, black glassed goggles were perched on his head and he appeared to be wearing some almost synthetic material that glistened like the skin of a wet frog.

“Jackie, you made it!” The shorter one, Septimus, beamed. “We’ve been waiting for you, mate! Took you long enough to get here!”

The other one, Tedizrul, nodded with a broad grin.

“Yeah! The machines have been out of action for two days and we are losing customers!”

Jack sighed quietly, closing his eyes as he was pushed and pulled over to the factory line where the voices of the two men could be heard when no voices should be heard over the din of the constant machines whirring.

“How did you break them this time anyway?” He sighed, scanning the still production lines with gentle eyes. “Did you manage to get Gillespie stuck in there again?”

Tedi laughed gently and Jack was nearly thrown forwards by the thump he received to his back.

“Nah! We were playing catch the lark and it may have gotten sucked into the cogs! Whole thing shut down!”

Jack rolled his eyes and pushed his glasses back up his nose as he set his bag down carefully.

“I don’t know how you two manage this so frequently! This is the fourth time this month this has happened! You need to learn to be more careful. Do you know how hard this stuff is to mend?”

Both men just laughed again.

“We aren’t the ones fixing it so it doesn’t make a difference!” Septimus beamed softly as he leant against a column carefully. “You are. Go on then.”

Jack scowled gently but went to work, removing each little cog carefully so as to be able to source the problem. He eventually came across the problem – a tiny wooden lark that had become lodged in the cogs. He pulled the wooden bird from the mechanics and threw it back towards the pair, Sept catching it quickly. They ran off then to continue playing as a tall, blonde haired woman walked over to Jack.

“Don’t run you two! Play nice!” She called after Ted and Sept.

Jack looked up at her and smiled.

“Hey Crane. I’m finished here now. Unless there’s anything else you needed?”

Crane’s soft smile faltered slightly and she cleared her throat.

“Well actually Jack there is one other thing. You know that player piano you made for me? It isn’t working again and I can’t figure out how to fix it. I miss listening to my music before I go to bed.”

Jack blinked. One of his most elaborate contraptions was a small player piano he had designed and built for Crane to help her get over her nightmares. It was crafted from solid, polished oak with pearl and ivory inlay in the shapes of tiny squids that gave the image of them swimming through a sea of darkness. Endless and wonderful, full of grace and no cares in the world. It had been three years since he’d finished it and it hadn’t broken down once.

“I’ll…come and take a look now…” Jack replied softly.

Crane nodded before heading off towards the private quarters at the back of the enormous factory. She unlocked the little wooden door of supple pine wood and took a long stair case up to her room where the piano sat against the wall beside her bed. Jack smiled as he took in the sight of his creation, taking note of the lack of dust and pristine condition it had maintained over the years since it had been in his workshop. Crane clearly loved that piano. There was no sign of any damage though. What could have caused it to stop working so suddenly?

Jack wandered over to the piano and opened the lid. No visible damage at a first glance. It was more than likely deeper down then.

“Crane I’m going to need to take the front of it off. Is that okay?”

“Sure Jack. Just be careful with it.”

Jack nodded before carefully taking his tools out of his bag and starting to work the front away from the back. It swung open after a little bit of prodding and Jack took in the wonderful smell of varnished wood and dust. It was immaculate on the inside as well, despite Crane not being able to get to it to clean. Maybe that was for the best. Who knew? Gently he began to tinker with the wiring and eventually discovered the source of the problem – a necklace. A silver chained necklace with a small, silver heart locket on it.

“Here you go Crane…” Jack said softly as he managed to work the metal from between the teeth of the cogs and handed it up to the taller woman. “That was jamming the cogs up. Should work properly now though.”

As Jack stood up, he caught a look of confusion on Crane’s face and he frowned – “What’s wrong?”
Crane shook her head gently and swallowed.

“I’ve never seen this necklace before. It isn’t mine. It’s locked as well. A really tiny key too. Couldn't get anything bigger than, I don’t know, a needle tip into the lock.”

Jack frowned softly and was about to ask to see it when there was a shout from outside. He looked up as Crane gasped and ran out of the room, dropping the necklace as she went. Jack piled all his tools back into his bag and slung it over his shoulder before heading to the door, only to turn back. He snatched the necklace up, stuffed it into his pocket, and ran after Crane as fast as he could.

As he turned the corner and ran across the still silent factory floor, running to the door and throwing it open.

He soon wished he hadn’t.

Magmason Co was in flames.
Dark Times - Chapter 4
In a dark world of slave labour and the poor being used as nothing more than rat food, Jack Chipper works at the better end of the spectrum. But when a close friend of his is killed in a freak factory fire, Jack must continue on like nothing has happened. How long could he last without trying to come to the aid of his closest friends?
And this is the year of the Bristol. I'm going to make a conscious effort to actually upload this year. Finish Dark Times. Actually show some things I do that isn't just on Twitter. Real sorry about that. 

I have been getting into Undertale recently. That'll end up on here. Probably. 
Dark Times will finish this year as well. You'll see what happens after so so long. It's been over a year since I posted the first chapter and I'm sorry that I haven't been updating it. 

Sorry I haven't been on as much. Will try to make it up to you this year. 
Thank you to everyone who has stuck by me. I really do appreciate it. 

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Hey Bristol! Been a while eh? How have you been? :)
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DemonMiner Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy B-Day!!!! :D
Bookedbooks Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
happy birthday!
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Alright, I know your birthday now, and I shall wish you a Happy Birthday when it comes ;D

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